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Up until now, DBLHost has been a small word of mouth driven business. Features were minimal, overhead was low, and the interest to reach out beyond personal business connections was of little concern. Last quarter, management was approached by eager associates hoping to develop new lines of business. A structured business pipeline was established. With this new pipeline came the need for a hardier back end capable of new features to make the ordering and service delivery process streamlined and as automated as possible. DBLHost is happy to announce the introduction of the WHMCS platform. This will give DBLHost customers incredible new features.

Existing companies will have a portal where they can check their active services, their profile information, their payment history, and performance data. New customers will be able to sign up and automagically gain access to the services they created as soon as their payment method has been processed.

With a new back end comes a new front end. Site visitors will notice the website changing rapidly as developers work in line with the live site. We hope to announce our "Grand Re-Opening" before November 1.

Thanks for your time and attention. Please pardon our dust as we enhance your Shared Web Hosting experience!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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